The present audio CD contains 9 tracks of Imam Afroz Ali’s lectures on Imam al-Ghazali’s Letter to a Discipline. Letter to a Disciple can be considered as the last testament of Hujjat al-Islam, the ‘Proof of Islam’ Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (1058-1111 AD). A senior disciple of al-Ghazali who had studied many works of Islamic sciences with his master, and spent most of his life with him, turn to his master this time asking for summary of all his teachings. Hence, Letter to a Disciple. The emphasis of the treatise is on putting into practce knowledge that one has acquired.

Imam Afroz Ali resides in Sydney of Australia. He is a well known scholar who has mastered various sciences both in universities and under the feet of teachers. The esteemed imam has travelled toSaudi Arabia and Egypt to study at the highest of Islamic Universities. For his other ijaazah, Imam Afroz has studied in Mauritania, United States and Yemen.

Imam Afroz is also the Founder and President of al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences & Human Development based in Sydney Australia. The al-Ghazzali Centre is a Learning Centre for sacred Islamic knowledge, and committed to the dissemination of the authentic and traditional Islamic principles and knowledge from the Prophetic traditions.

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